Documentation of Learning Outcome

The Lifelong Learning Document Tool LLDT is designed to support the candidates in balancing their acquired skills, knowledge and competences. The tool supports the candidate in identifying own strengths and to increase awareness and sensitivity for learning outside formailzed contextst, i.e. at work (learning by doing), in leisure activity (hobbies) among other.

The Tool

The tool comprises several categories and therby strives to holistically balance competences from different perspectives. Among the categories "Bibliogrphy", "Languages", "IT Skilss", "Education and Training", "Experience", "Equipment", and "Other Skills", the tool includes a section for "Self-Evaluation" and corrspondingly "Documents".

Target Group

The tool is geared to be used mainly by practitioners who want to gain an overview of their collected competences. Further, the tool can be used by the mentor in in order to check the evidence and carry out a skills scan.


Figure 1: TeBeVAT Lifelong Learning Documen Tool


Created by Simon Rath on 2020/11/13 11:22